Welcome to InterAct Legal Services.

Our core value is reducing the barrier of entry for foreigners to live and work in Japan as much as possible.
We provide people like entrepreneurs wanting to start a business in Japan, professionals wanting to work in a Japanese company,
and spouses of Japanese nationals coming to Japan with personalized legal support for visa acquisition.
We would like to help you avoid wasting time dealing with cumbersome bureaucratic procedures,
so that you can focus on applying your skills and pursuing your interests.

What we offer

Assistance with :

Working visas

Business management visas

Chef visas

Artist visas

Establishing a business in Japan

Acquiring all manner of permits and licenses

The permanent resident application process

Spouse visa



Gyosei Shoshi Lawyer Profile
I first took interest in foreign countries and their cultures after visiting America and Canada for the first time when I was 9 years old.
I went on to do a home stay in America at Salt Lake City, Utah during high school.

I also took a strong interest in other Asian cultures, and majored in the Indonesian language at Osaka University of Foreign Studies.
I spent a year studying abroad at the University of Malaya, during which time I shared a dorm room with a student of the Muslim faith.

Through these experiences, I trained myself to understand that not only do others have different values than I do, but also that this was a natural thing. This way of thinking has been immensely helpful in my work.
After university, I started working at Japanese companies in the promotion and sales of their products abroad, and after that I had a job at the Japan branch of an American audio device manufacturer as a marketing manager.

I had always wanted to start my own business, so the birth of my child became a stopping point at the company, and I went on to pass the Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists exam.

I went on to start this enterprise. A Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist, also known as a Gyosei Shoshi Lawyer, is a nationally certified professional in legal affairs that is able to file government licenses and permits, draft documents, and provide legal advice for such interactions. I specialize in the immigration process, company founding support, and business permit acquisition process.
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